Managing Enterprise Data Assignment

ISYS Managing Enterprise Data 464
Your answers are expected to be as detailed as possible as points will be deducted if your diagrams/models do not contain their key elements. (primary keys, subtype discriminators, titles, dependencies, foreign keys, among others…) with proper representation (underline, arrows, bold,…)
1. Answer the following multiple choice by choosing the right answer. (Only one possible answer for each question) (30 pts, 2 pts each)
In an E-R diagram, there are/is ________ business rule(s) for every relationship.
A) two
B) three
C) one
D) zero
An employee can work in more than one department but does not have to work for any department.
B) A department must have at least one employee.
C) A department can have more than one employee.
D) An employee has to work for more than one department.
Which of the following criteria should be considered when selecting an identifier?
A) Choose an identifier that is not stable.
B) Choose a null identifier.
C) Choose an identifier that doesn’t have large composite attributes.
D) Choose the most complex identifier possible.
A student can attend five classes, each with a different professor. Each professor has 30 students. The relationship of students to professors is a ________ relationship.
A) one-to-one
B) many-to-many
C) one-to-many
D) strong
The ________ states that no primary key attribute may be null.
A) referential integrity constraint
B) entity integrity rule
C) partial specialization rule
D) range domain rule
Which of the following is an entity that exists independently of other entity types?
A) Codependent
B) Weak
C) Strong
D) Variant
The number of entity types that participate in a Unary relationship is:
A) zero.
B) one.
C) two.
D) three.
The process of defining one or more subtypes of a supertype and forming relationships is called:
A) specialization.
B) generalization.
C) creating discord.
D) selecting classes.
A(n) ________ constraint is a type of constraint that addresses whether an instance of a supertype must also be an instance of at least one subtype.
A) disjoint
B) overlap
C) completeness
D) weak
The ________ rule states that an entity instance can simultaneously be a member of two (or more) subtypes.
A) disjoint
B) overlap
C) partial specialization
D) total specialization
The process of defining a more general entity type from a set of more specialized entity types is called:
A) generalization.
B) specialization.
C) normalization.
D) extrapolation.
The ________ rule specifies that an entity can be a member of only one subtype at a time.
A) exclusion
B) disjoint
C) removal
D) overlap
An attribute (or attributes) that uniquely identifies each row in a relation is called a:
A) column.
B) foreign field.
C) primary key.
D) duplicate key.
A functional dependency in which one or more nonkey attributes are functionally dependent on part, but not all, of the primary key is called a ________ dependency.
A) partial key-based
B) partial functional
C) cross key
D) merged relation
Which of the following are properties of relations?
A) Each attribute has the same name.
B) All columns are numeric.
C) There are multivalued attributes in a relation.
D) No two rows in a relation are identical.
Based on the following scenario, draw an EER Diagram for FRAM indicating ALL the cardinalities. If the information provided are not enough, state any assumptions that you made while drawing your diagram.
The FlyRight Aircraft Manufacture (FRAM) division of the FlyRight Company (FRC) performs all maintenance and production for FRC’s aircraft. Since FRAM has several employees each with specific roles, it is essential for FRAM to keep records about their employees.
FRAM has about 20 different type of employees, including mechanics, designers and engineers. Each employee is assigned a unique identification number. The company also has information about the name, date hired, address (including city, state, and zip), email address and type of each employee. Each engineer has a research area that must be kept tracked of.
Each mechanic is specialized in 2 possible areas and it is not unusual for a mechanic to have both specializations. Some mechanics are specialized in engine(EN) maintenance and are required to possess a clearance level which must be saved by FRAM.
Some mechanics are specialized in airframe (AF) maintenance and are required to take periodic refresher courses. FRAM tracks all course taken by each AF mechanic and store the completion date, certification (Y/N), and performance. Each course can have multiple AF mechanics enrolled at the same time and each AF mechanic can only enroll in one course at a time.
For each of the following sub-question a, b, c and d :
· Indicate the form (1NF, 2NF or 3NF) of the presented relational model
· If required, convert this form to a 3NF relational model.
· You can use the rectangles at the end to draw your model. DO NOT FORGET to indicate which question (a or b ) you are answering.
Note that candidate key are indicated in bold and underline.
a. (10 pts)
Current form : _____
b. (10 pts)
Current form : _____
c. (10 pts)
Current form : _____
d. (10 pts)
Current form : _____

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